Revolutionize your sales strategy using LinkedIn!


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Unlock The Power Of LinkedIn For Sales Success

The Social Media Sales Academy is a 6-week virtual course specifically designed to empower insurance advisors with the skills to leverage LinkedIn and social media content to turn connections into clients.

There's one reason you're not selling as much as you should ...

You don't have enough credibility with your prospects!

Here's the truth:

  • We trust people we see.
  • We trust people we know.
  • We trust people we learn from. 

Hiding behind cold calls and email isn't enough anymore.

It's frustrating when you're using tactics that aren't as effective as they used to be.

What you need is a modern blueprint. Social media is no longer an option, it's a requirement.


Get your hands on a proven social media strategy


Over 6 weeks, you will learn the strategy we've used to grow Complete Game Consulting over 200% in 2 years.

By adopting the principles taught in the LinkedIn Diamond Playbook you will learn how to build trust and credibility with your top prospects before they ever meet you!

In addition to 6 hours of coaching directly from Andy Neary you'll receive:

  • A copy of the LinkedIn Diamond Playbook, which includes a step-by-step tutorial of the LinkedIn Diamond prospecting strategy.
  • 2 Q&A sessions to further enhance your learning.
  • 2-week membership to Complete Game University for $1 to gain access to more on-demand coaching.
  • A community of peers with the same goals as you.

What You Will Learn In The Social Media Sales Academy

By enrolling in the 6-week virtual course you are going to learn how to use LinkedIn and create social media content that turns connections into clients. 

Here is a breakdown of the 6 weeks:

Week 1:  Identify Your Personal Brand
You will develop a personal brand that builds awareness and name recognition.

Week 2:  Identify Your Ideal Prospect
You will complete the 5-Star Prospect Profile to identify your target prospects on LinkedIn.

Week 3:  Selling On Social Media
You will learn how to leverage our famous LinkedIn Diamond strategy to turn your online activity into new revenue.

Week 4:  Create Championship Content
You will uncover the secrets to creating content that builds likability and credibility with your top prospects.

Week 5:  The Compounding Content Maximizer
You will learn how to use A.I. and online tools to create more social media content in half the time!
Week 6:  Building Your Weekly Social Media Strategy
You will leave the Academy with a blueprint you can execute every week.


You will learn in 6 weeks what took us 9 years to master.



Hear it from some of the best!

The Complete Game Marketing Playbook helped take me from anonymous carrier rep to Senior Vice President, Podcast Host, and one of the most recognizable people in the Employee Benefit Industry. 

Spencer Smith, Pareto Health

Andy is a great teacher. I am constantly learning something new from the Complete Game Consulting program. I highly recommend Andy as a coach and friend.

Nancy Giacolone, Olympic Crest Insurance

They've helped me develop a process that helped me maximize my time... it's transformed the way I do business development. It's helping bring leads to me versus reaching out to leads.

Chris Hamilton, Hotchkiss Insurance

This is the sales training you've been asking for.

It's time to go all in on your own success!

Turn Connections Into Clients!


If you aren't using social media in 2024 you will be left behind. Having an online presence is required if you want to win your dream accounts.

By enrolling in the Social Media Sales Academy, you will:

  • Develop a Personal Brand your prospects trust
  • Identify your top prospects using the 5-Star Prospect Profile
  • Turn connections into sales conversations using the LinkedIn Diamond strategy
  • Create Social Media and Email Content that builds trust and credibility before you walk in the door
  • Produce double the content in half the time using the Compounding Content Maximizer
  • Leverage a Weekly Content Strategy that has prospects wanting to do business with you

6 hours of coaching in 6 weeks? That's a ton of coaching in a short amount of time to get you up and running in no time!


The Investment: $1,997 


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