Imagine, just for a moment, walking into a discovery meeting with a prospect who already knows you, who already trusts you. You’re not just another insurance broker to them; you’re a respected advisor, someone with solutions to their problems. You have all the credibility you need to win the business. This isn’t a dream, this is what we offer at Complete Game University.

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We know the struggle - lacking enough credibility to win "the big account." You’re qualified, knowledgeable, and willing, but you’re just not getting enough at-bats to prove it. The disconnect between your potential and the opportunity you crave can be disheartening. But, there’s a remedy, and it’s right around the corner. 

Feeling defeated is all-too-common in the insurance industry. Knowing you have the knowledge but are just not opening enough doors with prospects can be frustrating. We’ve been there, we’ve lived it, and we know how crucial the right support can be.

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Early in my career, I struggled with selling insurance. I lacked the coaching, the training, and a community of peers to help me level up. I had to build my own prospecting strategy because the training I received was horribly outdated.  It was nothing more than cold calls and pounding the pavement. I was navigating the path on my own, failing, and learning lessons the hard way.

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When I finally found a prospecting strategy after years of refining and optimization, we present to you the Complete Game Marketing Playbook.

It’s not just a strategy; it’s a comprehensive guide, a roadmap leading you to the pinnacle of insurance sales.

As a member of Complete Game University you'll gain access to:
  • On-Demand Coaching:  Unlock success with our on-demand video course, The Complete Game Marketing Playbook, providing you with the insights and strategies to excel in your career.

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls:  Join me every other week for live coaching sessions designed to keep you on top of your game.

  • Exclusive Workshops:  You'll gain complimentary access to our monthly half-day workshops to deepen your expertise and improve your marketing and sales.

  • Exclusive Coaching Videos:  Stay ahead of the curve with our latest insights and strategies not shared with anyone else.

  • Marketing & Sales Resources:  Access a library of comprehensive tools and templates tailored to the insurance industry.

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Hear it from Complete Game clients!

The Complete Game Marketing Playbook helped take me from anonymous carrier rep to Senior Vice President, Podcast Host, and one of the most recognizable people in the Employee Benefit Industry. 

Spencer Smith, Pareto Health

It brought clarity around a lot of the brand work we were already doing, but also really defined that target audience we want to speak to, the message we're going to be sending, and how we're going to get that message out.

Casey StrunkThe Strunk Insurance Group

 I have been taken out of my 40+ year ‘zone of selling’ and have been led into a holistic path connecting my uniqueness with my name brand and my skillset. 

Pamela A. Files, PA Files Consulting

Why We Built Complete Game University?

I started Complete Game Consulting because I saw how outdated the sales coaching and training were in the insurance industry. I wanted to provide the type of coaching no one gave me, the one I had to search for myself. Complete Game University is designed to give insurance professionals the tools they need to win business TODAY. It's more than just learning; it’s about being part of a community of peers who are trying to win at the highest level. 

We emphasize community because we believe in the power of collective growth, shared knowledge, and mutual support. Being part of a community means evolving together, overcoming challenges together, and achieving success together.

Become a part of our community before our launch, and step into a level of success you know you deserve!

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